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White Paper: Tackling AMR

AMR is caused by the misuse of antimicrobials, but made worse by antimicrobials contaminating our water. White paper discusses tackling AMR through water treatment.

Removal of Pharmaceutical Residues from Wastewater

Removal of pharmaceutical residues (Ciprofloxacin, Diclofenac and Ibuprofen) from wastewater.

Nicotine Removal from Tobacco Wastewater Using Nyex-a

Nicotine removal from e-cig and tobacco wastewater using a Nyex-a water treatment system.

Phenol Removal from Chemical Wastewater Using Nyex-a

Phenol removal from chemical wastewater using a Nyex-a water treatment system.

Cetylpyridinium Chloride Removal from Personal Care Wastewater

Targeted reduction of Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC) using a Nyex-a water treatment system.

Colour and COD Removal from Tea Wastewater

Complete removal of colour and reduction of COD in tea wash water using a Nyex-a water treatment system

Dye Removal from Textiles Wastewater

How we achieved COD and dye removal from textiles wastewater using a combination of our Nyex-a and Nyex-e water treatment processes.

Removal of Herbicides from Industrial Wastewater

How Nyex was used to help an agrochemical producer reduce its wastewater discharge contamination to drinking water standards.

CASE STUDY: RO Reject Water Treatment Uses New Water Technology

Removal of recalcitrant organics from reverse osmosis reject water as part of a petrochemical wastewater treatment process.

FACT SHEET: Tertiary treatment products Nyex-a and Nyex-e

Arvia offer flexible packages to purchase or rent different models or combination of our technologies based on recommendations from our Process Engineers.

Treatability Trials Datasheet | Arvia Technology

Our expert Process Engineers work to determine the best solution for each tertiary treatment challenge, dependant on individual targets and budget.