Dimethyl carbonate removal from water

Dimethyl carbonate removal from water can be achieved through our Nyex water treatment technology. DMC is an electrolyte solvent used in modern lithium ion batteries. Our Nyex Ellenox wastewater treatment technology can assist in the battery recycling process of lithium ion batteries, removing DMC from the water so it can be reused.

What we achieved

Our Nyex Ellenox was very effective in dimethyl carbonate removal from water, enabling water reuse during a Li-ion battery recycling process.

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Dimethyl carbonate hazards

Dimethyl carbonate is a versatile, non-toxic, biodegradable reagent with tuneable chemical reactivity. It serves as an alternative to dimethyl sulphate or methyl halides and phosgene for methylation and carboxylation reactions.

DMC has a recommended exposure limit (REL) limit of 100 ppm by inhalation over an 8-hour period, similar to that of a number of solvents like toluene and methyl ethyl ketone.

Jerome Budin

Water Treatment Consultant

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