1,4-Dioxane Removal From Water

Dioxane is very persistent in nature and is termed a ‘forever chemical’. It is not easy to remove using conventional methods, such as RO and even GAC does not work because dioxane does not adsorb. However, our Nyex Ellenox is a finely tuned electrochemical oxidation system and it is extremely effective at 1,4-dioxane removal from water.

What we achieved

A client’s wastewater had a concentration of 1800mg/L of 1,4-dioxane. Our Nyex Ellenox system reduced it to 0.009mg/L.

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1 4 Dioxane in water

1,4-Dioxane can may enter drinking water through leaching of historic pollution into watercourses and rivers.

Some manufacturing of cosmetics like shampoo, liquid soap, bubble bath and hair relaxers, the process involves ethoxylation – the process of reacting ethylene oxide with other chemicals to make them less harsh. This leaves trace amounts of both 1,4-Dioxane and ethylene oxide – both toxic contaminants thought to be carcinogenic.

Rhys Davies

Water Treatment Consultant

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Does ozone remove 1 4 Dioxane

1,4-Dioxane removal by ozone, using reverse osmosis. These systems are reasonably effective initially but as the membranes age, become less so. Replacement requires plant to be taken off-line, leading to downtime. The introduction of hazardous chemicals required to generate the hydroxyl radical leads to stringent safety measures and requires additional staff training.

Does GAC remove 1 4 Dioxane

GAC (granular activated carbon.) As described elsewhere on this site, GAC is not environmentally friendly, needs a pressurised system to work effectively, requires regular replenishment and, in the case of 1,4-Dioxane removal, is not particularly effective.

Proprietary systems using a resin-based media formulated to adsorb 1,4-Dioxane. These are more effective than GAC but work in a similar fashion. However, the media needs regular replenishing or re-activation with steam, potentially leading to wash-water contamination and high energy use.

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