Estradiol removal from water

Estradiol has endocrine disrupting properties, which means even at low concentrations it can interfere with aquatic organisms when released into the environment. Their are conventional methods available for removing estradiol from water such as GAC or reverse osmosis. However, a more cost efficient and eco-friendly process is our very own Nyex Rosalox system which combines both adsorption and oxidation and is effective at Estradiol removal from water.

What we achieved

Our Nyex wastewater treatment technology removed 73% of Estradiol from wastewater

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Rhys Davies

Wastewater Treatment Consultant

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Does GAC remove Esatradiol

GAC (granular activated carbon) is effective in reducing many organic pollutants including estradiol removal from water. The downside is that a GAC process is expensive to commission and run.GAC media is costly – due to the raw materials used and the large amount of energy required to activate it.

Second, as soon as GAC media is deployed, it starts to degrade. Eventually it will become so inefficient it will require replacing; potentially processes may need to be taken off-line for this.

Third, used media (which is a toxic black sludge) is either sent to landfill or re-activated using yet more energy.

We consider GAC to be an environmentally unfriendly process; especially as we produce a more cost-effective and greener alternative! For more information, see this article.

Does reverse osmosis remove Estradiol

Reverse osmosis (RO) is also quite efficient in reducing the amount of estradiol in wastewater but has disadvantages:

First, the effective rate of removal depends on the quality of the membrane and the amount of essential regular maintenance.

Second, throughout though any one system is not normally very high; this may limit the effectiveness of an RO system.

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Nyex Rosalox

Nyex Ellenox

Estradiol (also known as Oestradiol) is an estrogen widely used in menopausal hormone therapy. Our Nyex water treatment process is effective in estradiol removal from water. We have reduced estradiol from wastewater by 73%.