Sertraline Removal From Water

Sertraline adsorbs really well to our Nyex Media inside our Nyex Rosalox system. Then a small electric current is passed through the media and destroys the Sertraline (turns it into water and gas which is vented away). We can remove Sertraline to trace levels.

What we achieved

Our Nyex Rosalox removes Sertraline to 4ng/L.

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Sertraline water pollution

Many municipal water treatment works were built many years ago and were never designed to remove micropollutants; these compounds were just not known about at the time.

As a result, sertraline removal from water is not addressed (as in many cases the treatment facilities don’t have the equipment to do it.) So these compounds pass through the municipal works and find their way into watercourses and eventually the ocean, adversely affecting marine life.

And as these drugs contribute to AMR, regulations are being brought in to start Sertraline wastewater treatment – as well as for many other micro-pollutants and endocrine disruptors found in modern prescription drugs.

Removing Sertaline from water

Sertaline is one of a group of antidepressants contaminating water that can cause AMR (anti-microbial resistance.) This occurs when genetic changes take place in microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

AMR can render medications against severe infections ineffective. This is especially worrying when dealing with antibiotics, as often there is no alternative treatment regime as effective.

So, Sertraline water pollution is something that needs addressing urgently.

Jerome Budin

Water Treatment Consultant

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Sertraline in water

How sertraline gets into water is due to a number of factors. Mainly, it’s delivered in tablet form which are taken orally by patients. Inevitably, a certain amount isn’t metabolized by the body, and therefore the residue is passed out, finding its way into the sewer.

As a result, concentrations of Sertraline in water are especially high when analysing discharges from hospitals and similar establishments. Other causes of sertraline in water include improper disposal or dumping.

Does adsorption remove Sertraline ?

Arvia’s Rosalox™ water treatment system is a unique combination of adsorption and electrochemistry and has been proven to remove Sertraline from water down to very low levels.

In a recent test, we removed 91% of Sertraline from municipal wastewater – from 0.05 µg/L to 0.004 µg/L. With additional tests to tune our Ellenox systems, we’re also confident we can easily better those figures – especially as recent advances in our treatment equipment configurations have shown excellent results with many other pollutants.

Removing antidepressants from water

It is possible to remove Sertraline and many other SSRIs from water without resorting to highly carbon-negative processes like incineration.

The Rosalox™ water treatment system from Arvia is a unique, patented combination of adsorption and electrochemistry. Taking up only a small footprint, our reactors can be brought on-stream quickly. Once set up, they require little ongoing maintenance making remote, unattended siting possible.

Unlike GAC, our unique Nyex™ media doesn’t degrade to sludge and only requires a 2 – 3% top-up once a year. To find out more, take a look here.

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