Why choose a Nyex water treatment process?

Arvia’s Nyex™ solutions help textile manufacturers to meet discharge consent limits with respect to organics in the form of COD, colour and specific hazardous chemicals, such as Nonylphenols.

Primary and secondary textile wastewater treatment processes target the bulk of contaminants which are much easier to remove. However, the recalcitrant chemicals are often left and this is where we come in.

Not only is Nyex™ treated water safe to discharge – it can also be reused, cutting utility bills and protecting our exhausted water supplies.

Some of the benefits of the Nyex™ water treatment systems to the textile industry:


Remove colour

Removing colour and smell from textile effluent to enable water reuse or discharge.


COD polishing step

Treat COD to low/trace levels, ideal as a polishing step for recalcitrant COD.


Remove specific hazardous chemicals

Reduce specific hazardous chemicals like phenols and nonylphenols to ppm.


Support CSR mission

Our Nyex processes do not use chemical dosing and do not produce toxic sludge which supports your environmental strategy.


Removal of pesticide residues from natural yarns

Nyex is super-effective at removing pesticides which could be useful for cleaning naturally grown fibres like cotton, before production.


Low maintenance, easy operation

The systems are easy to install, require no chemical dosing and produce no secondary waste like sludge – meaning that they are extremely low maintenance and environmentally friendly.

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