Amoxicillin removal from water

The frequent use of amoxicillin has caused its increased appearance in water sources. This raises worries about water pollution and its potential effects on the environment and human wellbeing. A more cost efficient and eco-friendly process is our very own Nyex Rosalox system which combines both adsorption and oxidation and is effective at Amoxicillin removal from water.

Our Nyex water treatment process achieved a removal rate of 79% reduction of amoxicillin from a client’s wastewater – from 5.2µg/L to 1.1µg/L.

Does GAC remove Amoxicillin?

Adsorption processes, such as activated carbon filtration, can be used for the removal of amoxicillin from water.

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) is commonly employed in water treatment systems for its adsorption capacity. However, the efficiency of activated carbon for amoxicillin removal varies depending on factors like contact time, concentration, and water quality.

With prolonged use, GAC also degrades over time. This eventually leads to the media needing replenishing or replacing. This situation may cause facilities to be taken offline as a result.

At Arvia, we consider activated carbon for amoxicillin removal to be a wasteful method of water purification, as we detail here

Reverse Osmosis for Amoxicillin removal

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water treatment method that uses a semi-permeable membrane. It has been found to be quite effective in amoxicillin water purification.

The process involves forcing water through a membrane, which selectively retains contaminants like amoxicillin while allowing purified water to pass through. RO offers a reasonably effective means of removal.

However, water filtration for amoxicillin removal requires careful management of energy consumption and waste streams generated. Additionally, regular maintenance is crucial to ensure reliable results

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Low maintenance water treatment

  • No chemical dosing is required, and no toxic sludge is produced
  • Lower operational costs – Careful selection of materials results in low OpEx
  • Targets the localised pollutant – Can preferentially treat certain organic compounds
  • Ongoing water treatment without interruption – No chemical dosing and no sludge to deal with
  • High removal rates and efficiency – Ask us for a treatability trial to check your water

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Nyex Rosalox

Nyex Ellenox

Amoxicillin is an antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections. Environmental contamination with this type of pollutant causes antimicrobial resistant bacteria to develop, rendering the medication ineffective. In a recent trial of Amoxicillin removal from water, our Nyex water treatment process resulted in 79% reduction of amoxicillin from a client’s wastewater – from 5.2µg/L to 1.1µg/L.