Our carbon neutral water treatment pledge

Arvia Technology is pledging that by the end of 2022, our UK HQ will be carbon neutral. This means that all the activity that occurs in our office will result in no net carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere. Once we have achieved this we can then begin work on our second pledge, making our production carbon neutral by the end of 2025. This means that we would also be offsetting the carbon produced by making our water treatment units and the materials used to build them, making us a Net Zero business.

Why are we pledging to be carbon neutral?

Becoming a carbon neutral company means that we are taking our climate responsibilities seriously and ensuring that we contribute to positive outcomes for the planet. Achieving carbon neutrality will minimise our negative impact on the planet and help combat climate change. Our technology is focused around being eco-friendly allowing our client’s to better look after the planet, so we figured we should do the same!

How will we achieve carbon neutrality?


Measure and disclose our carbon emissions

We will calculate our carbon footprint based of the activities that occur in our office. This includes everything from the energy needed to power our computers to the electricity required to make a cup of tea.


Reduce climate impact

We will swap to sustainable energy sources. We have implemented a number of schemes and initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment. These range from a bike to work scheme and encouraging people to take public transport, to reminders throughout the office to turn off taps, only fill the kettle with the necessary amount of water, and use the small flush on the toilet if appropriate.


Finance emissions reductions

We will then turn to investing in high quality carbon credits, planting of trees, project development. This will allow us to offset the remainder of our carbon production!

Our carbon offset program

Through ClimateCare we are financing a number of carbon reduction projects to create a bespoke carbon offsetting program for Arvia. These projects range from nature-based solutions to renewable energy investments.

The projects are broken down into two categories, those which prevent more carbon from ever entering the atmosphere (carbon avoidance projects), and those which remove pre-existing carbon (carbon removal projects).

Carbon avoidance projects can include the development of technology which rely on clean energy sources rather than fossil fuels. The most well know example of carbon removal is the planting of trees to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen!