Industrial wastewater treatment

Removal of hazardous organic chemicals such as phenols and ethylene glycol. Also COD polishing to low levels from industrial wastewater.

Increasing efficiencies of existing water treatments

Toxic chemicals like phenols destroy biological processes, but Nyex removes the hazardous organic compounds protecting your bio processes.

Water reuse for Zero Liquid Discharge

Nyex can be used as part of your ZLD strategy to increase water reuse. It’s a very effective tertiary water treatment for removal of hazardous chemicals and COD.

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Benefits of a Nyex water treatment process

Nyex water treatment systems are particularly good at treating ethylene glycol and phenol compounds, so they are well suited to the petrochem industry.

Our systems are eco-friendly and can operate at much lower costs than the alternatives. Benefits of the Arvia Water Treatment system to the Petrochem industry include the following:


Reduced operational cost

Low energy solution which is simple and easy to operate with minimal manpower and maintenance.


Extending the life of assets

Nyex can remove chemicals which are fouling your RO membranes or killing your biological process.


Reduced downtime

Treatment regenerates during water treatment process meaning very high up-time. Annual 2% media top-up required which takes less than half a day.


Reduced health and safety risk

Nyex uses no chemical dosing which is one less COSHH risk for your production facility.


Flexible water treatment process

Scalable treatment to meet pressures to increase capacity and easily adjusted as requirements change.

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Industrial wastewater treatment services for petrochemical industry

Arvia’s Nyex™ treatment processes are most successfully deployed as a final ‘polishing’ step in the petrochem industry for the removal of the following:

  • NPDs (N,N′-Di(1-naphthyl)-N,N′-diphenyl-(1,1′-biphenyl)-4,4′-diamine)
  • PAHs (Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons)
  • Organic acids (eg Benzoic acids)
  • Alkyl phenols
  • Dispersed hydrocarbons
  • Organic compounds like ethylene glycol
  • Biocides

Increasing efficiencies of existing water treatments

Typically, Nyex™ would be part of a treatment train to remove the final recalcitrant organic contaminants. However, Nyex™ can be used to increase the effectiveness and reduce costs of your existing water technologies.

For example, it can be deployed as an effective pre-treatment step to support other water solutions such as a biological bed or reverse osmosis system. This is because Nyex™ removes the chemical pollutants which could damage these processes or make maintenance of the water treatment plant more labour intensive if pollutants were to enter these systems and foul them.

Water reuse for Zero Liquid Discharge

The required treatment of produced water varies dependent on its intended purpose:

  • Reuse for industrial process water or irrigation
  • Surface disposal to the sea, subject to local environmental regulations and charges
  • Injection into a disposal well

However, due to increasing environmental awareness and regulations, disposal to surface waters is becoming less commonplace and reuse is becoming more widely adopted in order to protect the environment and save money.

Not only can Nyex™ treat final effluent, it can also manage individual side-streams of problematic used-process water, making this water suitable for water recycling or enable consent to discharge as trade effluent.

Nyex is modular and scalable which means it can slot in where you need it, removing chemicals before they combine with others to become recalcitrant.

Avoiding the high cost of incineration

Many water treatment processes use chemical dosing and this can cause sludge to be produced. This sludge is generally collected in tankers and taken for incineration with an obvious environmental impact and financial cost. These costs are rising all the time for many reasons, not least due to environmental pressures.

There is another way though. Nyex removes recalcitrant chemicals and hazardous compounds from water without chemical dosing and producing any sludge.

Talk to us about removing some of your incineration costs.

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