.Nyex systems are designed to tackle this variation of wastewater composition. Below are a few ofour services for this sector…

Removal of off-flavour compounds

We specialise in removing organic compounds such as geosmin which causes an unpleasant change in taste of fish, making it distinctly earthy and musty.

Pesticide removal

Our technology has been optimised to effectively remove pesticides from wastewater

An ethical and sustainable approach to aquaculture water treatment

We prioritse sustainability meaning you can be assured that our systems have a minimal impact on the environment.

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Why choose a Nyex water treatment process?

In the last 70 years, global fish demand has tripled. This means aquaculture companies are under increased pressure to increase fish production whilst minimising the negative impact they are having on the environment, such as decreasing fish stocks and pollution. There is an increasing awareness amongst consumers that fish is one of the lowest carbon intensive protein sources available, but the same consumers are also becoming more environmentally conscious, so the aquaculture industry must respond accordingly.

Our Nyex wastewater treatment processes are extremely effective at removing persistent organic contaminants such as geosmin (which can give fish a nasty earthy taste). This makes them a perfect solution for the aquaculture industry which require the removal of off flavour compounds, antibiotics, pesticides and other hazardous compounds to below the contaminants Limit of no Detection (LOD).

Our Nyex wastewater treatment systems have been designed with the aquaculture industry in mind with these key benefits:


Removes organic micropollutants

Our technology is proven to tackle hazardous organic micropollutants, pesticides, off flavours, antibiotics and colour.


Flexible modular system

Our systems are adaptable to your needs, allowing you to maximise their efficiency whilst minimising the footprint they take up. This is particularly important when we are talking about off-shore systems where space is very limited.


No downtime

The Nyex material regenerates in situ meaning there is no need for costly downtime. This means there is no need to attempt to replace the media whilst out at sea. Additionally the system can be turned on and off according to the demand.


No chemical dosing

No nasty chemicals are required meaning that there is no need to handle hazardous chemicals


No waste products

No waste products are made making it a very eco-friendly solution. There is no need to stop production to clean the technology, nor is there a requirement to handle toxic waste in a confined environment


Ethical and sustainable

We know how important it is to protect your reputation and the reputation of the aquaculture industry as a whole. Our technology also allows you to prioritise environmental and animal welfare.


Plug and play

Nyex can be fitted into shipping containers with all required mechanical and electrical equipment for easy installation for offshore applications

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Aquaculture Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Our solutions for the aquaculture industry have been specifically designed to help tackle the problems faced in this sector

Removal of off flavour compounds

We know that a growing concern in the aquaculture industry is off-flavour. Fish is an essential food source so if it doesn’t taste good then you risk losing valuable business. Geosmin is a common off flavour compound, and it can result in an unpleasant earthy flavour that consumers do not like in fish such as salmon and carp. This musty taste will often be taken as an indicator of a poor quality product, driving prices down. We can protect you and your crop value, as our technology very effectively removes geosmin and other compounds that affect the taste and quality of fish.

Removal of antibiotics for Aquaculture

Within the aquaculture industry, antibiotics are the most applied chemical and are used to inhibit pathogen growth. These pathogens can harm the fish and stunt their growth, leading to a poorer quality product meaning you have to sell your fish for a reduced price. We know that the use of antibiotics and other medicines is inevitable when raising live animals. We can help you deal with these chemicals, meaning that you can take care of your fish but you don’t have to worry about antibiotics getting into the environment, something that could massively harm your company’s reputation.

Regeneration in situ

Our technology uniquely combines adsorption and oxidation. Ordinarily, adorbants reduce in effectiveness as they are used and become more saturated. However, our innovative media is actually regenerated in situ while your water is being treated! This means there is no need to send spent adsorbents off site to regenerate or dispose of them. This saves you precious time and money – especially in the context of off-shore applications, where replacing large quantities of carbon requires time at dock and high expense. Also, by regenerating in-situ, you are greatly reducing the chance of biofilm formation, common with activated carbon, which ensures long term performance and reduces cleaning requirements.

Pesticide/Insecticide removal for Aquaculture

Much like antibiotics, pesticides are a necessary part of modern aquaculture. In order to raise the highest value fish, pests such as sea lice must be kept at bay. It’s well known that an outbreak of sea lice can result in entire batches of fish being completely unmarketable, so pesticides/insecticides are deployed. Water which has been dosed with chemicals needs to be treated before discharge to the ocean or other water sources. Our technology can clean this water to ensures that any pesticides will not make their way into the environment, thus protecting your reputation and the environment while you protect your fish.

Small footprint

We know that space can be very limited in both on and off shore farms, so we have developed a system that takes up as small a footprint as possible whilst still delivering an efficient solution. Our systems are modular, meaning that we can minimise the space they take up whilst not compromising on their efficiency, and we can also supply fully integrated containerised solutions for ease of use in off-shore applications. This key part of their design also means that the system can grow or shrink as needed to match your needs so you are never paying for more than you need. Additionally, our system can simply be turned on and off, so you never have to run it when it’s not needed.

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