The Process

For us to help clean your water, we will need to understand exactly which pollutants are in the water. We do not do water testing at Arvia but can recommend the use of one of these global water testing labs: ALS Laboratories and Eurofins offer a number of water testing services to support your individual water treatment requirements.

Once they have provided you with the effluent profile, come back to us and we will see if we can help you. The process is as follows:


Water Quality Testing

It starts with understanding what is in your water. Please contact our colleagues at ALS Laboratories or Eurofins who will be able to test your water. Then come back to us and we can take it from there.


Water Treatment Technologies Consultation

We study your effluent and make recommendations as to a suitable water treatment solution which may include Nyex™ in conjunction with other processes.


Treatability Trial

We would then recommend a treatability trial to test which Nyex water treatment system would best suit your water matrix.

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Water Testing to Reduce Trade Effluent Charges

At Arvia, we provide on-site wastewater treatment solutions which bring manufacturers’ effluent in line with their stipulated trade effluent limit for wastewater contaminants.

This process involves water testing at our water testing lab. We characterise the effluent and recommend the most appropriate technologies to meet your trade effluent limit.

Mogden Formula

The Mogden Formula is a calculation used by utility companies across the UK to inform industrial facilities what their consent to discharge effluent is. Used water from commercial properties is referred to as trade effluent. The cost to collect, treat and dispose of this water is dependent on the volume and contamination level.

Charges for trade effluent in the UK are based on the Mogden formula, which is:

Charge per unit of effluent =

R + [(V + Bv) or M] + B(Ot/Os) + S(St/Ss)7


Reception and conveyance charge [p/m3]


Primary treatment (volumetric) charge [p/m3]


Additional volume charge if there is biological treatment [p/m3]


Treatment and disposal charge where effluent goes to sea outfall [p/m3]


Biological oxidation of settled sewage charge [p/kg]


Chemical oxygen demand (COD) of effluent after one hour quiescent settlement at ph 7


Chemical oxygen demand (COD) of crude sewage one hour quiescent settlement


Treatment and disposal of primary sewage sludge charge [p/kg]


Total suspended solids of effluent at ph 7 [mg/litre]


Total suspended solids of crude sewage [mg/litre]