Arvia Technology’s patented water treatment solutions are designed with your business objectives in mind, saving you time and money while contributing to a sustainable future.

Our Nyex™ systems are employed against the most challenging tertiary waters and are optimised to tackle hard-to-treat compounds in need of removal to comply with stringent discharge regulations.

Designed and manufactured in-house, the Nyex™ systems operate as a singular treatment system or, when necessary, can be combined with ancillary technologies to provide a fully operational tertiary solution.

We have two different technologies, the Nyex™ Rosalox and Nyex™ Ellenox, which are available for both rental and full-scale purchase to suit your needs.

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Zero liquid or solid waste

Scalable turnkey systems designed to integrate into existing operations seamlessly

Remotely monitored

Removes recalcitrant organics 2,500 mg/L COD and below

Achieves effluent quality to below 30mg/L COD

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Nyex Rosalox

Nyex Ellenox

What is in your wastewater?

To help you understand more about the contaminants in your water, as part of our Water Analysis and Advisory Service, we conduct a range of analyses from basic COD to speciated organics and make recommendations on suitable treatment technologies based on your targets.

A Treatability Trial on representative samples of water determines the capital and operational investments required and gives peace of mind that the options being suggested are right for your individual treatment and budgetary needs.

Water Treatability Options

Arvia offer three levels of treatability trials from a standard trial, through advanced, to a fully bespoke programme. All trials are managed by one of our process engineers specifically dedicated to your project. You will receive a comprehensive closing report with recommendations for next steps.

1. Standard

Arvia’s standard treatability offers one set of trials on Nyex™ Rosalox or Nyex™ Ellenox, including analysis of TOC, COD, pH and conductivity. Optimisation during a trial provides an indication of the type and size of system required and therefore the capital cost.

Operational costs are also calculated during the trial – the running costs are affected by flow rate and the power requirements to meet individual water quality targets.

2. Advanced

The advanced trial offers a higher level of analytical understanding and complex analysis, for example speciated compounds, AOx and metals.

The trials can take place either at Arvia’s in-house facilities or on your site on representative samples of the water in need of treatment.

3. Programme

The programme trial combines multiple trials and numerous analytical requirements into one package. This works on a fully-bespoke basis with various options to completely tailor the trials to you.

This option also offers the ability to investigate pre and/or post-treatment options using supporting commodity technologies and technologies offered by our partners.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Rental

Arvia have over a decade of experience in system design and integration and have various partners providing alternative secondary and tertiary treatment processes. Nyex™ systems are designed to easily retrofit into an existing treatment train to enhance the performance and avoid the investment of replacing the existing infrastructure. Read more about our rental program here.

Remote Monitoring

Arvia’s Nyex™ systems can be fitted with remote telemetry to ensure that our clients have peace of mind over various pre-agreed performance metrics. This is particularly useful in rural areas or on sites where 24-hour manning is not always possible.


Arvia’s servicing packages are proposed by our process engineers dependent on various factors, including the system size, contamination loading and flow rate. We would advise a site visit on a yearly basis for a general system health check and for components, such as the electrodes, to be fully inspected for performance each 5 years. Your unique servicing package will be agreed upon at the time of system purchase.

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