Our water treatment process can complement your existing systems by removing recalcitrant organic micropollutants and COD to trace levels

Removing recalcitrant organic compounds from blowdown water

The contaminants present in blowdown water can vary depending on the industry. There are usually solids to remove along with a variety of different ions, which can be micropollutants, corrosion inhibitors, biocides and COD. Normally our clients use an ultra filtration process for the solids. A variety of other processes can be used to remove the ions, but depending on what is in the blowdown water, sometimes the water is not pure enough to be returned to the boiler or cooling loop.

Our water treatment process can complement your existing systems by removing recalcitrant organic micropollutants and COD to trace levels.

Benefits of Nyex systems for blowdown water treatment:

Our unique Rosalox and Ellenox systems have been designed to complement existing treatments to enhance your system achieving the ultra pure water you need in your boiler and cooling water loops. The benefits of our
Nyex systems are:

Plug and play

Our technology is designed to simply and easily fit within your current wastewater treatment process. Our systems can be turned off and on as needed which is perfect for blowdown water which is not a constant flow.

Modular design

Our systems can be scaled up and down to suit your demands. This means you will never be paying for capacity you don’t actually need.

No hazardous chemicals

Our process can operate with no chemical dosing which means your employees will never be put at undue COSHH risk.

No waste produced

Our unique technology means that you are not left with any sludge or waste. This means that there is never any need for expensive incineration.

Contaminant removal

We can remove organic to such low levels that you can actually reuse the water for the next blowdown process which saves you money. We can also remove water additives such corrosion inhibitors and biocides.

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Boiler blowdown wastewater treatment

Boiler surface blowdown is used in boilers to clean out impurities. This is where there is a continuous bleed off at a low volume that contains dissolved contaminants. Our wastewater treatment systems can work alongside other treatment processes to clean this continuous stream, resulting in ultra pure water that can be fed back into the boiler.

If the water isn’t cleaned properly then it cannot be reused and will instead have to be discharged. This would result in a massively high volume of water getting wasted. Cleaning the water will instead save you money and allow you to strive towards a Zero Liquid Discharge goal.

Cooling tower blowdown wastewater treatment

Cooling tower blowdown wastewater can have high levels of contaminants, as the entire tower is flushed out simultaneously. It is likely that there are many different organic contaminants in this water, which may need specialist treatment alongside existing treatments.

We specialise in removing non-biodegradable organic compounds which persist in your water following other treatments. Our systems can be positioned either before or after other existing treatments, depending on the pollutants involved.

By revamping your blowdown wastewater treatment system you can achieve a more stable water quality with less fouling and corrosion. Additionally, your percentage of water reuse can be increased, saving you money.