Effective removal of hazardous organic compounds

Nyex Ellenox can remove hazardous or banned organic chemicals such as Triton X-100 to trace levels.

Improve efficiencies of other water treatment processes

We can preferentially remove chemicals such as phenol to trace levels. This means the Nyex system can be used to protect other processes which are sensitive to hazardous chemicals.

Removal of colour or COD to trace levels

Our systems can reduce COD and colour to low levels for water reuse or safe discharge.


How Nyex Ellenox works


The Nyex Ellenox™ treatment process is an electrochemical oxidation process, similar to Nyex-e, but more efficient, smaller footprint and able to handle higher flow rates.

Nyex Ellenox™ destroys organic contamination in water by producing powerful hydroxyl (·OH ) radicals. During treatment, the high concentration of ·OH radicals indiscriminately attack even hard-to-adsorb compounds.

This technique of water treatment is tried and tested but what makes a huge difference to the process efficiency is the internal design and materials used. We have refined our design over a number of years and the result is a reliable, highly efficient water treatment process.

Unlike Nyex Rosalox, this water treatment process does not rely on adsorption. Because of this, it is most effective in treating industrial wastewater with higher conductivity.

None of the Nyex systems require chemical dosing and can fit seamlessly into an existing water treatment plant to enhance the wastewater treatment capabilities.

No chemical dosing is required, and no toxic sludge is produced

  • Lower operational costs - Careful selection of materials results in low OpEx
  • Targets the localised pollutant - Can preferentially treat certain organic compounds
  • Ongoing water treatment without interruption - No chemical dosing and no sludge to deal with
  • High removal rates and efficiency - Ask us for a treatability trial to check your water

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Applications of Nyex Ellenox

The Nyex Ellenox™ water treatment process is designed for use in an industrial manufacturing facility for the removal of recalcitrant organic chemicals. The Nyex Ellenox™ process is designed to manage a higher load of contamination and allows rapid removal of background COD. It can be very effective to pre-treat wastewater prior to further treatment by the Nyex Rosalox system or other water treatment products.

By positioning Nyex as part of an integrated solution at the source of contamination, recalcitrant compounds are prevented from mixing and reacting with one another in final effluent and potentially becoming more complicated to treat.

Applications of Nyex Ellenox™ include:

Reduce COD from high concentrations

Ellenox™ water treatment process is very effective at removing chemical oxygen demand (COD) levels <10,000mg/L to low levels for low flow rates.

Removal of colour and taste

Ellenox™ is very effective at removing colour and taste from water.

Conductive pollutants

Impressive efficiencies can be achieved when treating highly conductive water with Ellenox™.

Hydrophilic and hydrophobic pollutant treatment

Ellenox™ is effective in treating water with either hydrophilic or hydrophobic pollutants.

Organic contaminants

Both Nyex water treatment processes are designed to treat organic pollutants. To treat water containing both organic and inorganic chemicals or metals will need another treatment process to handle the metals/inorganics.

Suspended solids

Although Ellenox™ will not reduce TSS, it will tolerate water with suspended solids. This means you can use Ellenox™ to reduce COD from water which has TSS.

Final polishing step

Ellenox™ is a final polishing step for COD and is often used to support other treatment processes.

ZLD and water reuse

If you have Zero Liquid Discharge targets, Ellenox™ can be used as part of the water treatment solution, enabling water to be reused.

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Nyex Ellenox Benefits

No chemical dosing

Avoid handling costs of chemicals, including H&S training for maintenance team, time spent completing COSHH and risk assessment paperwork and negative environmental impacts.

No waste

Many other water treatment processes produce a secondary waste stream, which essentially means the problem has not gone away, just concentrated in a toxic sludge. Nyex Ellenox™ does not produce any sludge.

Onsite treatment

With Nyex Ellenox™ you benefit from onsite treatment which means you don’t need to transport or incinerate waste. It is self contained unit, with minimal operational overhead.

High up-time

Nyex Ellenox™ can run continually because there are no membranes to clean or replace and no secondary waste to remove.

Low operational maintenance

Because there is no chemical dosing and no moving parts, operating Ellenox™ is very safe operation. Reduces H&S training for the maintenance team.

Safe water reuse and ZLD

If you have a Zero Liquid Discharge target, Nyex Ellenox™ could be a useful addition to your process train. It uses no chemical dosing so does not suffer the same restrictions in water reuse that other processes have.

Modular flexible design

Nyex Ellenox is a modular system which means treatment capacity is flexible. Modules can be turned on and off to suit your demand.

Complementary technology

Integrates well with other technology to make other water treatment processes more efficient.