See how our specialist water treatment products could enable your water reuse strategy

Why is Nyex so much better than incineration?

Arvia’s innovative tertiary wastewater treatment system is extremely effective at removing APIs, hormones, antibiotics, steroids and EDCs, as well as corrosion inhibitors, surfactants and biocides.

This means that our NyexTM polishing system is perfectly placed to be used in life sciences companies which manufacture pharmaceuticals and APIs and consequently need to remove hazardous compounds to below the contaminants Predicted No Effect Concentration (PNEC).


Cost effective

No need for inefficient and expensive incineration of wash water


Removes organic chemicals

Removes recalcitrant organics to very low levels allowing for safe discharge of wastewater


Treatment of APIs

Low energy targeted treatment of APIs, hormones, antibiotics, steroids and EDCs using our unique combination of adsorption and electrochemical oxidation as well as pesticides, insecticides and other active ingredients


Easy to install, operate and maintain

Our plug and play technology is simple to get up and running


Modular System

Flexible modular system accommodates future expansions. Meets variable loading as can simply be turned on and off as needed


Improving Existing processes

Boosts efficiency and reliability of existing treatment chain by removing fouling organics and hazardous organics


Compact and hands-off solution

Perfect for facilities generating smaller volumes, and easily scaled to larger volumes


Incineration free

Our treatment process means there are no nasty waste products that would otherwise need to be incinerated