How Nyex-e System works

The Nyex-e treatment process is an electrochemical oxidation process which produces powerful hydroxyl (OH*) radicals that destroy organic contamination in water.

During treatment with the Nyex-e, a high concentration of OH* radicals indiscriminately attack even hard-to-adsorb compounds.

The process is designed to manage a higher load of contamination and allows rapid removal of background COD, pre-treating wastewater for further treatment by the Nyex™-a system, where required.

None of the Nyex systems require chemical dosing and can fit seamlessly into an existing water treatment plant to enhance the wastewater treatment capabilities.


Nyex-e, like Nyex-a does not concentrate waste into a separate phase for further treatment.

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Applications of Nyex-e

The Nyex-e water treatment process was designed for use in an industrial manufacturing facility for the removal of recalcitrant organic chemicals. The Nyex-e process manages a higher load of contamination than Nyex-a and allows rapid removal of background COD. It can be very effective to pre-treat wastewater prior to further treatment by the Nyex-a system or other water treatment products.

By positioning Nyex as part of an integrated solution at the source of contamination, recalcitrant compounds are prevented from mixing and reacting with one another in final effluent and potentially becoming more complicated to treat.

Applications of Nyex-e include:

Reduce COD from high concentrations

Removal of colour and taste

Conductive pollutant removal

Hydrophilic and hydrophobic pollutant treatment

Organic contaminants

Nyex-e Benefits

No chemical dosing

No waste

Onsite treatment

High up-time

Low operational maintenance

Modular flexible design

Complementary technology

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