Often, the wastewater is either incinerated or simply discharged into the sewer or environment. But in many instances it can now be reused at much less cost than a solution like incineration.

Wastewater Recycling

The ecological health of our rivers, lakes, estuaries and coastal and groundwaters depends on compliance with ever tightening regulatory standards. Your ability to meet stringent water regulations firstly depends on identification of pollutants.

Improvement in analytical technologies and expertise has allowed the identification of a growing number of contaminants which are present in waters at very low concentrations. In many cases the use of conventional treatment methods is often no longer fit for purpose. However, it is unrealistic to expect you to upgrade your entire treatment process each time regulation changes.

Wastewater Recycling Versus Incineration

We often find that our clients come to us because their existing water treatment processes leave some hazardous organic compounds behind. They tell us they are forced to incinerate the water, but this causes a whole host of issues, including high cost and environmental impact. Just at the time when they are trying to reduce carbon footprint.

There did not used to be any solution to removing recalcitrant organics and hazardous organic pollutants such as APIs and agrochemicals. But there is now.

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Nyex Rosalox

Nyex Ellenox

Recycle and Reuse of Industrial Wastewater

Before the wastewater can be reused it must be treated to remove contaminants such as COD loading, colour or specific micropollutants.

The issue we find our clients face is that their current water treatment processes may remove the majority of the COD or micropollutants, but there can be residual pollutants after these water treatments. To enable industrial water reuse, the micropollutants need to be removed to trace levels.

This is where we come in.

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

The concept of working towards achieving Zero Liquid Discharge or ZLD is now on the agenda for many of our clients. It starts with identifying what is left in your water once it has been treated by your existing wastewater treatment systems.

Industrial water treatment systems, like Nyex can now remove even the most persistent contaminants from the wastewater and allow it to be reused, creating a closed-loop water management process. Our solutions safely treat and recycle wastewater to reduce overall consumption, protect water supplies, satisfy your sustainability goals and safeguard the future of your business.

Water Reuse Companies

Arvia is one of the water reuse companies you should be talking to. Our industrial water treatment processes are often found to be the missing piece of the puzzle when designing an industrial water recycling system.

Our Nyex technology is scalable and can be positioned where the problem is. This might be in the middle or at the end of your existing water treatment processes. For more information read more about our Customised Industrial Water Treatment.

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Cost Benefits of Wastewater Effluent Reuse

  • Reducing water use saves money
  • Improve your Corporate Social Responsibility and reputation by protecting sparse water supplies.
  • Streamline your processes using continual treatment processes with to increase efficiencies

Water reuse brings many benefits such as the positive effect it has on the environment along with the money it can save businesses.

The key to helping shape the future of our water supply lies in new technology and collaboration.

Cost saving is one of the biggest benefits of water reuse for businesses. The disposal of wastewater can be costly to businesses. Creating a closed-loop system and aiming for Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) can save vast amounts in the long run.

In terms of operations, water reuse can make significant improvements in streamlining industrial processes and increasing efficiency.

Regulation and Wastewater Reuse

Regulation plays a huge part in ensuring businesses properly treat wastewater before reuse or discharge into the

Arvia’s Nyex systems treat the most recalcitrant organics in order to meet regulations across various industries.

The regulations differ dependent on the industry and country which the business resides, however the fines
which can be incurred as a result of not adhering to regulations can often be substantial.

What are the environmental benefits of reusing water?

In times of increased water scarcity and water stress, industrial process water can be treated so that it can be safely reused within the business. This reduces utility costs, preserves water resources and makes a significant contribution to organisational Corporate Social Responsibility.

The conservation of water and energy, particularly in industry, can be extremely challenging. Some tertiary water treatment processes are energy intensive which makes it cost-prohibitive to treat water on-site.

In tertiary processes, chemicals are often used to eradicate recalcitrant trace level compounds. This comes at a high recurring price and can also produce a toxic sludge which requires transportation and additional specialist treatment.

Water which has been treated using this method cannot always be safely reused for alternative purposes, such as cleaning or irrigation.

This has created a demand for economical and environmentally friendly solutions.

Eco friendly Water Treatment Process

We have designed our Nyex water treatment solutions to be eco friendly and we are striving for carbon neutrality as a business.

As an example of this, none of the Nyex processes need chemical dosing to be effective. They do not produce any secondary waste and can be powered by solar energy, providing a more sustainable treatment option.

Nyex treated wastewater can be safely reclaimed and reused for other purposes within the business, saving money and addressing high water demands in times of shrinking supplies.

How does Arvia help businesses reuse water?

Arvia provides wastewater treatment solutions to a variety of industries allowing efficient wastewater recycling which supports environmental goals and saves energy and money.

Our on-site Nyex systems remove organic contaminants (COD) and colour to ensure wastewater is safe to be reused for a number of purposes, including cleaning and irrigation.

The systems integrate in minutes for an immediate ‘plug and play’ solution.

Our Nyex treatment systems simply bolt-on to existing treatment trains in order to achieve new levels of performance and facilitate the reuse of wastewater.

When wastewater is treated by Arvia’s Nyex solution, it is high enough quality to be safely reused for wash down or other uses around your facility, crucially saving utilities costs.

We work closely with companies to understand the largest hotspots for water consumption within the value chain in order to address water-use efficiency and save you money.

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