The G20 Summit

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The G20 Summit

The G20 Summit

June 6, 2024

The G20 Summit

Overview of The G20 Summit

The G20 Summit is a crucial gathering of world leaders, where pressing global issues are discussed, agreements are made, and strategies are devised.

Brazil holds the rotating presidency for 2024, and the summit is scheduled for November 18 and 19, in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro.

G20 Summit 2024 hosted in Rio de Janeiro

G20 Rio de Janeiro Summit: Who Will Attend?

The G20 Summit will bring together the leaders of the 19 member countries, along with representatives from the African Union and the European Union. These heads of state and government will engage in critical discussions aimed at addressing global challenges.

As of 2024, the G20 comprises the following 19 member countries:
• Argentina
• Australia
• Brazil
• Canada
• China
• France
• Germany
• India
• Indonesia
• Italy
• Japan
• Mexico
• Russia
• Saudi Arabia
• South Korea
• Turkey
• United Kingdom
• United States of America

Additionally, the European Union is also part of the G20, making it a total of 20 entities involved in shaping global policies and addressing critical challenges.

The summit will serve as a critically important platform for approving agreements negotiated throughout the year and devising strategies to tackle pressing global issues.

What does the G20 Do?

Brazil has set a comprehensive agenda for the 2024 G20 Summit, focusing on three key priorities:
• Social Inclusion and the Fight Against Hunger: Recognizing the urgent need to combat hunger and poverty, the G20 aims to develop strategies that promote social inclusion and ensure access to adequate nutrition for all.

• Energy Transition and Sustainable Development: As the world grapples with climate change, the G20 emphasizes the transition to cleaner energy sources and sustainable development. This includes economic, social, and environmental aspects.

• Reform of Global Governance Institutions: The G20 recognizes the need for effective global governance. Discussions will revolve around strengthening international institutions, enhancing cooperation, and ensuring equitable representation in decision-making.

Why Water Scarcity is a Global Issue

Before the main event, working parties have been shaping the agenda. These are some key decisions:

Water Security: The importance of water security has risen dramatically. Over two billion people worldwide now depend on water that crosses national borders. Only in a small number of countries (just 24) do we find agreements for shared water from cross-border sources. The risk of using fresh water as leverage underscores the urgency of addressing the world’s water inequality.

Sustainable Water Management: The fragility of water supplies due to wars, climate change, population growth, and urbanization necessitates sustainable water management. Conservation and reuse are paramount. Efforts to reduce water waste and leakage are underway, but recycling water from agriculture and industry is equally crucial.

Water scarcity is a global issue

Arvia Technology’s Role

Arvia Technology, a UK-based company, plays a vital role in industrial wastewater treatment. Their cost-effective solutions remove recalcitrant compounds from water, ensuring water security.

The patented Nyex Rosalox™ and Ellenox™ treatments utilize electrochemistry to remove pollutants from water, often down to parts per trillion.

Treatable compounds include: Many agrochemicals and pesticides, chemicals used in aquaculture, battery chemicals, corrosion inhibitors, chemical ingredients and pharmaceuticals.

By addressing water quality and sustainability, Arvia contributes directly to the G20’s crucial goals of water security and sustainable development.

Biggest Environmental Issues Today

So to summarise, the 2024 G20 Summit in Rio de Janeiro promises to be a platform for meaningful dialogue, collaboration, and actionable steps toward a more equitable and water-secure world.

Let’s hope that the decisions made during this summit will lead us closer to achieving the ambitious SDG 6 (The UN’s Sustainable Development Goal) and a better and more secure future for us all.

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