Arvia’s Solution

Arvia’s Nyex Rosalox treatment process combines the benefits of both the processes of adsorption and oxidation whilst avoiding the disadvantages when each are used in singular. Contaminants are concentrated on the surface of Arvia’s patented regenerating adsorbent, Nyex™, which allows for targeted and continuous oxidation.

By using an adsorbent media, a high discharge quality can be achieved and by concentrating the organics onto the surface of the adsorbent, where the electro-oxidation occurs, the mass transportation limitations of AOPs are eliminated. The highly conducting nature of the Nyex adsorbent media provides internal conductivity within the system, resulting in a low operating voltage, low cost treatment system.

A range of organic compounds which are of concern due to characteristics such as persistence, acute toxicity, reproductive effects on ecosystems or carcinogenicity can be successfully eliminated from the water using Arvia’s treatment process, without chemical addition or generation of toxic by-products.

Unlike the GAC process in which the carbon media requires disposal, incineration or thermal regeneration, the addition of a low voltage regenerates Arvia’s Nyex media in-situ. This avoids the costs involved with the GAC process and is also much more environmentally considerate.

“..low operating voltage, low cost treatment system..without chemical addition or generation of toxic by-products.”