Benefits of a Nyex water treatment process

The unique Nyex™-a technology uses adsorption to localise pollutants at low and trace levels which are often missed by generic wastewater treatment methods. It then oxidises the impurities to H₂O, H₂ and CO₂.

If your existing tertiary water treatment is not performing then we might be able to help. We remove organic compounds to very low levels due to our unique combination of adsorption and oxidation.

Nyex water treatment systems are extremely effective at breaking down and removing solvents and BTEX chemicals so are particularly suited to the specialty chemical industry.

Our Nyex water treatment processes have been designed to tackle the wastewater issues faced by the fine and specialty chemical sector, with these key benefits:


Safer and less maintenance

No chemical dosing means less COSHH compliance and operator time. No secondary waste streams means no need to stop production whilst sludge is removed and incinerated.


Targeted water treatment to low levels

Targeted treatment of wastewater to remove toxic, mutagenic, carcinogenic or non-biodegradable contaminants.


Low energy

Unique combination of adsorption and electrochemical oxidation in Nyex process means less energy is used to reduce organic compounds from water.


Modular, scalable design

Nyex water treatment systems are modular and can be turned on and off according to demand, meeting your loadings. Particularly suited to batch processing of specialty chemicals. Further modules can be added based on manufacturing activity, ensuring the longevity of your investment.


Increased efficiencies and reliability

Our Nyex systems can be retrofitted into existing treatment trains to remove the final problematic compounds which traditional treatment systems often leave behind. Improve efficiencies and reliability of existing treatment processes by removing fouling organics and hazardous organic chemicals at key points in the chain.


Flexible positioning

The treatment system is also unaffected by toxins or high temperatures and emits no odour. This means the system will fit easily into your manufacturing environment. Alternatively, systems can be positioned externally to allow the expansion of your business activities inside the plant to take priority.


Eco friendly water treatment

No chemical dosing and no waste products – eco friendly. A major asset in the plan to reuse water, reducing costs and improving CSR.

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Industrial wastewater treatment services for chemical manufacturers

Nyex is particularly suited to industrial wastewater treatment for the specialty chemical sector for many reasons. Below are a few of our services for this sector.

Removal of recalcitrant organic compounds

Due to the diverse nature of intermediates used in the manufacturing of chemicals, wastewater streams vary significantly in terms of composition. The intermediates are often toxic, mutagenic, carcinogenic or non-biodegradable and chemicals can be produced on a commercial scale from kilograms to multi-tonnes.

This variation of wastewater composition and volume combined with strict effluent permits and extreme operating conditions present unique challenges for wastewater treatment.

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Blowdown water treatment

You might have boilers as part of your manufacturing site. Boilers and cooling water loops need regular ‘blowdown’ treatment to remove any residual chemicals. This blowdown water may need to be treated before discharge if it contains any harmful chemicals.

Our treatment systems are effective in removing the organic chemicals often found in blowdown water. We can remove corrosion inhibitors (azoles) and biocides as well as other organic compounds which might be in the water. We do not provide chemical treatment services or removal of inorganic contaminants.

Talk to us about treating your blowdown water.

Water reuse and ZLD

Further challenges arise in the form of regulation for the reduction of clean water use, which encourages the implementation of process water recovery as part of your business as usual activities.

Nyex™ treatment systems can used to ensure treated water is safe for reuse within the business. The ability to safely reuse process water reduces utility costs. It also helps to build positive Corporate Social Responsibility through the protection of the environment in water stressed times.

Talk to us about how we can help you with your Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) strategy.

Avoiding the high costs of incineration

The use of incineration as a waste management strategy is usually a last resort. Particularly for wastewater having low calorific value and containing hazardous contaminants, incineration is an unnecessarily expensive and CO2 intensive process.

Arvia can provide treatment solutions to remove hazardous contaminants from wastewater streams at a fraction of the cost of incineration, allowing safe discharge to sewer or environment. These systems typically operate in a batch process allowing compliance monitoring before discharge. This enables significant savings in operational and administrative costs compared to incineration.

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