Why choose a Nyex water treatment process?

Utilities companies are placed under significant pressure concerning their environmental impact, cost of service and quality of supply from both consumers and regulators. Our Nyex water treatment systems are chemical-free and produce no sludge. This has obvious operational benefits but also reduces environmental impact for our clients.

Our remote monitoring capabilities enable our water treatment plants to be placed in remote locations. There is minimal maintenance (2% annual top-up of media) and no moving parts. Here are some of the benefits to utilities companies:


Removes organic micropollutants

Proven to tackle hazardous organic micropollutants, emerging contaminants and colour at the tertiary stage.


Trace levels removed

Due to the combination of adsorption and oxidation Nyex is able to reduce pollutants to very very low levels. The pollutant is attracted to and concentrated on the Nyex media and then a small electric current mineralises it.


Low operation requirement with remote monitoring

The process retrofits seamlessly into an existing treatment train providing a simple plug and play solution which is remotely monitored and requires minimal running or maintenance.


No chemical dosing

Nyex™ water treatment systems do not require chemical dosing or carbon change-out, due to the regeneration of the Nyex™ media occurring in-situ.


Prolongs lifespan of GAC and RO membranes

Nyex™ process can be applied as a full replacement for GAC and as a pre-treatment for GAC, resulting in a prolonged media lifespan. Placed before a RO process, Nyex can protect the membranes and reduce need for replacement and downtime.


Rental or purchase

Available for rental or purchase to suit changing regulatory or seasonal requirements with ease of transportation to different sites as needed.


Flexible modular design

The products are available as standalone systems, skid mounted, containerised or immersed in a large tank dependant on the volume of water in need of treatment.

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Water treatment solutions for Utilities

Our water treatment solutions for the municipal or utility sector are as follows:

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