Nyex systems are extremely effective in tackling agrochemical wastewater. Below are a few of our services for this sector…

Removal of Pesticides from Water

How to remove pesticides from water is our expertise, along with herbicides and insecticides. Our Nyex systems remove many agrochemicals to trace levels with no chemical dosing.

Persistent organic compound removal

Organic micropollutants adsorb really easily to our Nyex media and this enables us to target them with a small electric current to mineralise them. We often achieve removal to trace levels.

Water reuse

We help agrochemical companies avoid incineration costs by removing organic pollutants to trace levels, allowing water to be reused safely.

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Which agrochemicals can we remove from water?

We have helped several agrochemical companies with their wastewater issues and here are some of the chemicals we have removed from water:

  • Atrazine – herbicide- to 0.001 µg/L
  • Clomazone – herbicide removed to below 0.003 µg/L (below the limit of detection)
  • Diuron – weed killer removed to below 0.003 µg/L
  • Ethoprophos – insecticide removed to below 0.003 µg/L (below the limit of detection).
  • Fluazifop-butyl – herbicide removed to below the limit of detection at less than 0.001 µg/L.
  • Lindane – insecticide removed to 0.00099 µg/L.
  • MCPA, also known as 2-methyl-4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid – herbicide removed 94% MCPA from wastewater.
  • Mecoprop – weed killer removed to below 0.005 µg/L (below the limit of detection).
  • Metalaxyl – fungicide removed to below 0.02 µg/L (below the limit of detection).
  • Metazachlor – weed killer removed 90.5% of metazachlor from municipal wastewater.
  • Oxadixyl – fungicide removed to below 0.005 µg/L (below the limit of detection).
  • Pirimiphos-ethyl – insecticide removed to below 0.001 µg/L (below the limit of detection).
  • Terbutryn – herbicide removed to below 0.001 µg/L (below the limit of detection).

Benefits of our Nyex water treatment process to the agrochemical industry

Agrochemical wastewater often contains endocrine disrupting chemicals which are hazardous to the environment. By their very natural, these chemicals are non-biodegradable and are often resistant to removal from water using traditional water treatment processes.

Our Nyex water treatment system is a two step process in one unit. First the organics are adsorbed to the Nyex media. Then a small electric current is passed through the media, which mineralises the pollutant and regenerates the media ready to treat more pollutants.

Benefits are as follows:


Removal of agrochemicals to trace levels

Due to the targeted removal process in Nyex systems, our water technology removes pesticides, herbicides and insecticides as well as many organic micropollutants to trace levels.


Avoid incineration of wastewater

The ability of Nyex to remove hard-to-treat organic compounds enables our clients to either reduce or avoid having to arrange wastewater incineration. The ROI is extremely strong as well as helping your environmental credentials.


Simple operation with no moving parts

The Nyex wastewater treatment systems are very simple to operate, with minimal maintenance. This allows for safe continual operation if required.


System can be turned on and off for batch processing

It’s possible to turn our Nyex systems on or off to suit your needs, which can be very useful when batch processing.


No chemical dosing and no sludge

It is not necessary to use chemical dosing to get good results from Nyex wastewater treatment systems. Due to the adsorption and electrochemical oxidation, the system produces no sludge so is easy to use and very environmentally sound.


Low energy wastewater treatment process

Because the Nyex system concentrates the pollutants on the surface of the Nyex Media before destruction, much less energy is used than in conventional electrochemical oxidation systems.

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Industrial wastewater treatment services for agrochemical industry

Here are the services we most often get asked for from agrochemical companies…

Removal of pesticides, herbicides and insecticides from water

Our technology is particularly effective at the sorts of organic chemicals that agrochemical manufacturers use in the production of pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. The non-biodegradable nature of these products means that traditional wastewater treatment processes often leave the persistent chemicals in the water. This is where we can help.

The reason why our technology suits agrochemical removal so well is because of the chemical structure of the compounds used in agrochemicals.

The organic compounds adsorb to our Nyex Media and then when the electric current is passed through the media, the compounds are mineralised to gas and water.

Our products

Water reuse and ZLD

Because our wastewater treatment technology can remove organic micropollutants to trace levels, we are able to help our clients to reuse more water. Working towards Zero Liquid Discharge or even just aiming for a higher percentage of water reuse is a very common requirement.

Being able to reuse water also helps reduce wastewater incineration costs and improves environmental impact.

Because of the modular nature of the Nyex systems, it’s easy to place them at strategic places within the manufacturing facility to treat different effluent streams.

Customers have used our Nyex systems to treat process water, washwater, RO reject streams or to protect biological processes from chemicals such as phenol, which may otherwise prevent the process from working.

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Our Water Treatment Products for Removing Agrochemicals

Nyex Rosalox

Nyex Ellenox

How we remove pesticides from water

We use our Nyex Rosalox to remove pesticides, insecticides and herbicides from water. It uses a combination of two common technologies: adsorption and oxidation, but by combining the technologies in one unit, we gain significant efficiencies over separate technology.

This animation explains how the pesticides are attracted to our Nyex media. The small electric current then passes directly through the media and oxidizes the pesticide completely. There is no waste and no chemical dosing required.

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