Water Treatment

At Arvia Technology, we are a team of tertiary water treatment specialists.

We design, manufacture and supply advanced water treatment equipment for chemical, life sciences, food & beverage, oil & gas, pulp & paper and textiles manufacturing facilities around the world.

We also work with municipal drinking and wastewater sites worldwide, providing advanced water technologies to improve the treatment capabilities of their existing processes.

Our range of Nyex™ wastewater treatment systems overcome the challenges experienced with traditional AOPs (advanced oxidation processes), providing a robust and effective solution for the removal of organic chemicals (chemical oxygen demand) and colour from wastewater.

Water Treatment Applications

Our water technology can be used to treat a variety of water treatment applications. Once we understand the nature of your wastewater and your final water quality target, our water treatment specialists can make recommendations as to how best to treat your water. For example, the flexible Nyex™ wastewater treatment systems can be used to treat wastewater up and downstream from biological processes, pre and post reverse osmosis (to treat the RO reject stream) and in combination with ion exchange, amongst others. Here are a few of the applications of Nyex™:

COD Polishing

We can reduce COD to very low levels as a polishing step

Colour Removal

Removal of colour, taste and odour from effluent in many applications

Micropollutant Removal

Removal of hazardous organic micropollutants to very low levels

Water Reclamation and Reuse

Wastewater recycling for irrigation or cleaning

Wastewater Treatment

Final ‘polishing’ step for wastewater for discharge to sewer or the environment

The Arvia Edge

Arvia originated from a team of experts researching water technology solutions at Manchester University. We have developed strong relationships with several universities around the UK, supporting PhD studies and keeping well up to date with the latest water treatment techniques. The company is now comprised of over 40 water treatment specialists working to support industrial water conservation and environmental compliance requirements with our range of cost-effective alternatives to traditional AOPs.

Meet stringent regulatory compliance

Reduce existing treatment costs

Eliminate trucking, disposal and incineration

Protect the environment and water supplies