Arvia have been interested, attentive and very knowledgeable in our project conceptual design for treatment of API residues in waste.  Their technology is innovative and has been proven to solve our waste issue.

“Their team are both highly experienced, personable and able to answer difficult questions on both the chemistry and the operation / running cost elements of the equipment.  Arvia ran trials for us on our waste stream, and tested for our API at various stages throughout the process, using a method supplied to them, which allowed for faster turnaround of test results, and allowed them to tune their system to give the best solution to our issue.

I have found Arvia to be pro-active in following up on our project and interested in finding solutions to provide an automated solution as per our specification and to reduce overall cost to make the project more financially viable. I’m sure that when this project reaches the next stage that we will be coming back to Arvia to support our further efforts. ” – EHS Coordinator

The Background

We were approached by a pharmaceutical company generating small batches of wastewater with persistent APIs. The presence of hazardous APIs meant that they were unable to discharge their wastewater, instead having to tanker it offsite, at a cost of up to 300 EUR/m3. 

Their priorities included: 

  • Simple to operate (hands off) 
  • Removal of >99% API 
  • Interested in removing API for CSR purposes (responsible manufacturing)
  • Save on costs for tankering away