Since its creation, Arvia have built a strong team of water treatment specialists, design engineers and commercial professionals with diverse technical backgrounds.

Ongoing commitment from the in-house R&D team has resulted in the original Nyex™ product growing into a range of systems in different sizes, designed to suit individual treatment needs.

Systems have most successfully been applied to the pharmaceutical, specialty chemical and agrochemical sectors to address treatment challenges at the tertiary stage.

Arvia’s headquarters are located in the UK with commercial and technical teams being co-located alongside in-house laboratory and manufacturing capabilities. We also have an office and lab facility in China.

Why we do what we do

Rapid population increases, rising global living standards and irreversible climate change are threatening Earth’s finite water resources.

The state of our water affects all natural, social and economic systems. If we continue to allow usable water resources to deplete at the current rate, by 2030 global water demand is going to surpass supply by 60%.

An increase in public awareness of water availability and contamination has led to regulatory and social pressures on industrial water users and utilities alike.

Water awareness is vital in business and often forms an influential part of an environmental strategy. An understanding of how water affects your business activities and how your business affects water supplies is an ongoing and iterative process. This knowledge can influence business decisions and subsequently manufacturing processes, making procedures not only more sustainable but also more cost-effective.

The team at Arvia are here to help.

Improving Discharged Water Quality

Arvia effectively contributes to sustainable business activities by:


Improving Discharged Water Quality

Through installing a bespoke onsite treatment system for wastewater streams, Good Manufacturing Practice and compliant discharge levels can be maintained. By removing trucking and discharge fees for effluent, you will also benefit from a notable reduction in operational costs.


Enabling Water Reuse

In times of increased water scarcity, Arvia treats industrial process water so that it can be safely reused within the business, reducing utility costs, preserving water resources and making a significant contribution to your organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility.


Improving Water Safety

Arvia’s system is a proven treatment of source water containing persistent pesticides, APIs and other harmful pollutants, enabling this water to be extracted and safely used in areas where this previously would not have been possible.

Take a look at our latest projects to see how we have helped companies in your industry to reach their treatment targets.