How can we help your business to become more sustainable?

Arvia Technology have developed unique tertiary treatment systems that effectively remove organic contaminants and colour from wastewater to suit individual requirements for drinking purposes or for industrial discharge/reuse.  Arvia’s Nyex™-a technology helped one client with water reuse by removing COD and colour from tea wash wastewater that was being discharged into an area of natural beauty. The client was looking to save utilities costs and reduce their environmental impact. Arvia supported this by providing full colour removal and a reduction in COD from 510 mg/L to 31mg/L, making the treated wastewater suitable to reuse for further washing purposes, dramatically reducing their intake of fresh mains water.

With the gap between supply and demand increasing each year, the need to adapt to a more sustainable environment could not be more prevalent. However, this change cannot be the sole responsibility of businesses alone.  A holistic approach from governments, regulators, universities and the public are required to ensure that everybody is educated on the impact we are all having on our water sources so that we can make informed decisions and tackle pollution together more effectively.