Arvia’s Nyex™ Treatment system

It is now possible for industrial manufacturers and water companies to install on-site specialist packaged technologies like Arvia’s Nyex™ treatment system. The Nyex™ process retrofits into existing treatment trains to improve treatment efficiencies and prevent recalcitrant compounds from mixing and reacting with one another in final effluent or the environment; and thus, becoming even more complicated to treat.

Nyex™ combines adsorption with electrochemical oxidation in a single, scalable unit that is easy to operate and can be remotely monitored for complete peace of mind. The process simultaneously localises and mineralises organic contaminants into H2O, H2 and CO2, requiring only a low electrical current in proportion to the loading of contaminants, for effective removal.

The system is free from chemical dosing, has a self-regenerating media and does not produce sludge. This results in sustainable, low-maintenance operation with considerably lower recurring cost than trucking, incineration or landfill of secondary wastes.

Our technology can comprehensively remove various micropollutants to often below the limit of detection (LOD).