Venlafaxine removal from water

It is crucial remove venlafaxine from water. This will prevent potential adverse effects on aquatic organisms. It will also ensure the safety of drinking water supplies. Our very own Nyex technology has proven to be effective with the removal of Venlafaxine from water, reducing it down to trace levels.

Our Nyex technology successfully removed up to 98% of Venlafaxine from water. We reduced the concentration from 0.55 µg/L to 0.01 µg/L in municipal wastewater.

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Removing Venlafaxine from Water

Among systems available, the Nyex Rosalox™ system from Arvia is the leader in best venlafaxine water removal method.

This patented system combines advanced adsorption and oxidation processes, providing superior performance in pollutant removal. The Arvia Rosalox system effectively captures and breaks down venlafaxine molecules, ensuring their complete removal from water sources.

No chemical dosing is required, and no toxic sludge is produced.

It also offers:


Lower operational costs – careful selection of materials results in low OpEx


Targets the localised pollutant – can preferentially treat certain organic compounds.


Water treatment without interruption but can be stood up/down quickly – ideal for batch production.


High removal rates and efficiency – Ask us for a treatability trial to check your water.

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Venlafaxine removal methods

Nyex Rosalox™ provides an economical and eco-friendly treatment for venlafaxine effluent water contamination. This helps to protect aquatic ecosystems and safeguard human health.

The removal of venlafaxine from wastewater is crucial to mitigate the adverse effects of this antidepressant on aquatic organisms and the environment. We must take collective action to raise awareness about the presence of pharmaceuticals in the environment, and work to eradicate them.

Nyex Rosalox™ sets a benchmark for venlafaxine removal methods, protecting our precious resources for future generations. For more information on all the Arvia water technologies available to industry worldwide, please contact us today.

Venlafaxine Removal by Reverse Osmosis:

One method is to use reverse osmosis to remove venlafaxine from water. In a reverse osmosis (RO) system, water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane under pressure. This effectively separates the water molecules from dissolved substances, including venlafaxine.

The RO process offers high removal efficiency and versatility in some applications. It can remove a wide range of contaminants.

However, it is important to consider the drawbacks of RO. These include high energy consumption and the generation of concentrated waste which will require further processing.

RO systems also often require elevated levels of maintenance to maintain acceptable purity levels.

Adsorption of Venlafaxine in Water:

Activated carbon as a venlafaxine removal method is another alternative.

Absorption to remove venlafaxine from water involves the attachment of contaminants to a solid surface, effectively removing them from the effluent.

Various adsorption materials, like activated carbon and granular activated carbon are used to remove venlafaxine from water.

The advantages of adsorption techniques include their simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and ability to target specific contaminants.

However, this type of system requires frequent regeneration or replacement of the adsorbent media. Also, the disposal of spent adsorbents needs to be managed appropriately.

Recycling costs may prevent toxic sludge from activated carbon processes being renewed, so it can only go to landfill – hardly carbon-neutral!

For the full story on why we consider activated carbon is not an environmentally-friendly process, see this article.

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Venlafaxine is an antidepressant which forms part of a group of substances known as selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SSNRIs). Venlafaxine is used to treat major depressive and anxiety disorders. Our Nyex water treatment process removed venlafaxine by 98% from 0.55 µg/L to 0.01 µg/L in municipal wastewater.