Trimethoprim Removal from Water

Our Nyex Rosalox technology is very effective at the removal of Trimethoprim from water, reducing the pollutant all the way down to trace levels.

The Nyex Rosalox technology reduced traces of Trimethoprim from 0.012 µg/L to below the limit of detection.

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Ozone treatment offers several advantages, including:

  • Advanced oxidation for trimethoprim removal. Ozone is highly reactive and can rapidly oxidize trimethoprim, ensuring removal from water.
    • Wide spectrum of action. Ozone can effectively degrade a broad range of pharmaceutical compounds, making it suitable for treating water contaminated with various medications.
      • Limited byproduct formation. Unlike some other oxidation processes, ozone treatment produces less harmful by-products during the degradation of trimethoprim.
        • Rapid reaction time. Ozone acts quickly, allowing for efficient treatment of large volumes of water in a relatively short period.

Trimethoprim removal by GAC

GAC offers advantages such as:

Versatility. GAC can remove a wide range of organic compounds, including trimethoprim, from water, making it suitable for various applications.

Cost-effectiveness. GAC is a cost-effective method for trimethoprim removal especially for smaller-scale water treatment systems.

However, GAC media requires periodic replacement or regeneration to maintain the adsorption capacity. Additionally, GAC systems may require pre-treatment to remove particulate matter and organic substances that would otherwise foul the carbon bed.

The main drawback of GAC systems however is the environmental damage done when creating and renewing the activated carbon.  For more info on this topic, see this article – ‘The hidden environmental costs of Activated Carbon water treatment’.

Trimethoprim Water Treatment

One of the most cost effective water purification techniques for removing trimethoprim is Arvia Technology’s Nyex Rosalox™ system. This is a highly efficient and sustainable solution based on the latest, proven technology.

It utilizes a unique adsorbent material, Nyex™, and combines adsorption and advanced oxidation processes to remove pharmaceutical compounds from water.

The Arvia Rosalox system operates in two stages. First, the Nyex™ adsorbent media captures the trimethoprim molecules from the water, providing a highly effective adsorption capacity. Then, the Nyex™ is subjected to a low-energy electrical treatment called adsorbent regeneration.

This combined process oxidizes the captured trimethoprim molecules, destroying them and regenerating the adsorbent Nyex™ media for further use. The only byproducts are gas and water.

How to remove Trimethoprim from water

Rosalox™ is one of the best methods to remove pharmaceuticals such as Trimethoprim from water for these reasons:


High efficiency. The combination of adsorption and advanced oxidation processes ensures efficient removal of trimethoprim. This results in treated water that meets stringent quality standards – parts per billion, in many cases.


Sustainable solution. The system’s low-energy electrical treatment allows for reduced energy consumption and environmental impact compared to other treatment methods.


Broad-spectrum treatment. The Arvia Rosalox™ system can effectively remove a wide range of pharmaceutical compounds. That makes it suitable for comprehensive water treatment.


Cost-effective. The system’s long-lasting adsorbent material and energy-efficient operation contribute to cost savings over the system’s lifetime.

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Removing trimethoprim from water

The removal of trimethoprim from wastewater is of utmost importance to mitigate the environmental impact of pharmaceutical contamination.

Various methods, such as ozone treatment, GAC adsorption, and Arvia’s Nyex Rosalox™ system, now offer effective solutions to combat trimethoprim water contamination.

However, the Nyex Rosalox™ system stands out as the most efficient and sustainable option. It provides a comprehensive approach to pharmaceutical removal from drinking water.

To safeguard the environment and protect aquatic ecosystems, it is essential to adopt advanced technologies and promote the eradication of pharmaceuticals in wastewater.

For more information on trimethoprim water filtration and the results your can expect from the Nyex Rosalox™ system, contact us today.

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Trimethoprim is an antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections. We removed traces of trimethoprim from 0.012 µg/L to below the limit of detection.