We found that temazepam absorbs really well onto our Nyex media. Utilising our Nyex Rosalox system, which integrates both adsorption and oxidation in a single step approach, we successfully eliminated a significant amount of temazepam from water

We removed temazepam down to 0.29 ng/L.

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Temazepam in water

Allowing temazepam to persist in marine environments, rivers, and watercourses can lead to both short and long-term damage. Studies have shown that it can remain active in water for extended periods, posing a threat to aquatic life and potentially entering the human food chain.

For instance, research has demonstrated the adverse effects of benzodiazepines on fish behaviour and reproduction, disrupting ecosystems.

Temazepam removal by ozone

An alternative method for temazepam removal methods in water involves the use of ozone-based systems. Ozone, a powerful oxidizing agent, can effectively break down various organic compounds, including pharmaceuticals.

However, this approach has its pros and cons. Ozone treatment can efficiently degrade temazepam and other benzodiazepines, but the handling and storage of ozone can pose challenges for operators.
Ozone is toxic and requires careful management to ensure the safety of both personnel and the environment.
Ozone systems can be more expensive and use more energy than alternative methods like the Nyex Rosalox™ system.

Advantages of our Nyex Rosalox system

  • No chemical dosing is required, and no toxic sludge is produced;
  • Lower operational costs – careful selection of materials results in low OpEx;
  • Targets the localised pollutant – can preferentially treat certain organic compounds;
  • Ongoing water treatment without interruption – no chemical dosing and no sludge to deal with;
  • High removal rates and efficiency;
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    Nyex Rosalox

    Nyex Ellenox

    Temazepam is a short-term sleep medication. Our Nyex water treatment process is effective in temazepam removal from water. We removed temazepam down to 0.29 ng/L, an 86% reduction.