Losartan removal from water

Losartan absorbs really well onto our Nyex Media inside our Rosalox system. Then a small electric current is passed through the media and destroys the Losartan (turns it into water and gas) that is safely vented away. We can remove Losartan all the way down to trace levels.

We have achieved a 99% removal rate of Losartan from 0.004085 µg/L to below the limit of detection.

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Losartan in wastewater

The presence of losartan in wastewater is a consequence of its excretion by individuals undergoing treatment as well as improper disposal of out-of-date stock.

Unfortunately, conventional municipal wastewater treatment processes are not designed to effectively remove pharmaceutical compounds, including losartan.

As a result, losartan enters rivers, watercourses, and marine environments, leading to long-term and short-term damage.

Losartan removal methods

Various methods are currently employed to remove losartan from water.

These methods include advanced oxidation processes (AOPs), such as ozonation, and the use of activated carbon, such as Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filters.

Does ozonation remove losartan from water?

Ozonation is an effective method for removing losartan from water due to the strong oxidative properties of ozone.

Ozone reacts with Llosartan, breaking it down into smaller, less harmful compounds.

However, ozonation has certain drawbacks. Ozone is a hazardous gas and requires careful handling by operators. Additionally, the ozonation process can be energy-
intensive and expensive to implement at scale.

Losartan removal by GAC

Activated carbon, specifically GAC, has proven to be an effective method for Losartan removal from water.

GAC works by adsorbing Losartan molecules onto its surface, effectively trapping them. GAC-based systems can be easily integrated into existing water treatment infrastructure, making them a practical choice.

However, the effectiveness of GAC for losartan removal has limitations, such as the need for regular replacement of media and disposal of the spent carbon, which can be costly and result in additional waste.

For an overview of GAC and why we think it’s not an environmentally friendly process, take a look at this article.

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Losartan is a medication used for the treatment of high blood pressure and kidney disease. We have achieved a 99% removal rate of losartan from 0.004085 µg/L to below the limit of detection.