Amisulpride removal from water

Their are conventional methods available for removing amisulpride from water such as GAC and Ozone. However a more cost effective and eco-friendly process is our Nyex Rosalox system which is a combination of both adsorption and oxidation and is effective at amisulpride removal from water.

We removed 97% of Amisulpride from municipal wastewater

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Activated carbon filtration for amisulpride removal

This method utilizes activated carbon to adsorb amisulpride molecules from water. It is a widely used technique due to its effectiveness in removing various contaminants. However, activated carbon filtration may be limited by its adsorption capacity, and frequent carbon replacement can be costly.

Advanced oxidation processes for amisulpride removal

Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs): AOPs, such as ozonation and UV-based oxidation, involve the use of powerful oxidants to degrade organic compounds. While effective in amisulpride removal, AOPs can be costly to run and may generate harmful byproducts and require careful process control.

Nyex Rosalox

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