Tert-Butyl Phenol

Tert-butyl phenol is used to make epoxy resins and it can also make plastics flexible. Specialty chemical companies use it in their manufacturing process and inevitably it ends up in the wastewater.

One solution to tert-butyl phenol removal from water has been incineration, which is extremely expensive and involves a lot of paperwork, not to mention the cost to the environment.

Another solution is low cost, low maintenance Nyex, which is easy to use and eco friendly.




Tert-Butyl Phenol





CASE STUDY: Tert-Butyl Phenol Removal from Water

One of the largest specialty materials producers came to us to see if we could help them remove Tert-Butyl Phenol from their wastewater.

They had a flow rate of 7.5m3 per hour and a concentration of 82mg/L of tert-butyl phenol.

The requirement was to remove tert-butyl phenol to less than 1mg/L.

Tert-Butyl Phenol Removal Solution

The solution was to use our Nyex™-e system which is electrochemical oxidation process.

The Nyex process removed over 99% of the tert-butyl phenol, taking just 135 kW/day (24 hour operation).

Nyex produces no sludge and uses no chemical dosing. The operation is simply on/off, so very easy to use and there is no maintenance other than an annual check up.

Nyex-e System Benefits

The Nyex-e system offers several advantages for industrial users who require the removal of organic chemicals from water:

Uses electricity to oxidise contaminants without using
chemicals, producing sludge, or creating any secondary
waste stream. This is much more efficient than other
disposal methods.

Very high removal rates (>99%) of complex organic

Significant cost saving and reduction in CO2 emissions
compared to incineration.

Suitable for a wide range of flow rates (up to 100m3/h
and above).

Small footprint.

Operates at room temperature and pressure.

Simple operation (on/off control), reliable, with very low
maintenance requirements.