Metoprolol removal from water

While metoprolol has proven to be beneficial for humans and animals, its presence in water bodies can have detrimental effects on the environment and marine life. There are conventional methods available to remove metoprolol from water. However, a more cost effective and eco-friendly process is our Nyex Rosalox system which is a combination of adsorption and oxidation and is very effective at metoprolol removal from water.

Our wastewater treatment solution successfully removed 99% OF metoprolol from wastewater.

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How to rempve metoprolol from Water

Water purification for metoprolol removal from wastewater is crucial to mitigate its impact on the environment. Various removal methods have been developed and employed for this purpose, including advanced oxidation processes for metoprolol removal (AOPs) and activated carbon filtration.

Metoprolol removal by AOPs

AOPs involve the use of powerful oxidants such as ozone or hydrogen peroxide to degrade and eliminate organic pollutants. Metoprolol removal by ozone, in particular, has shown promising results in removing this compound from water.

It breaks down the drug’s molecular structure, rendering it harmless and easier to eliminate.

However, the process can be energy-intensive and working with a hazardous substance like ozone inevitably means additional care must be taken in storage and handling.

Metoprolol removal by GAC

Another common ‘legacy’ method is activated carbon filtration for metoprolol removal.

Activated carbon possesses a high adsorption capacity, effectively trapping organic compounds like Metoprolol as water passes through the filtration system.

However, the efficiency of activated carbon filtration may vary depending on factors such as contact time, temperature, and pH levels.

Metoprolol removal from water using Nyex Rosalox

Third, let’s consider the Nyex™ Process: Arvia Technology’s innovative Rosalox™ system offers an innovative and efficient solution for Metoprolol removal from water.

This system employs a combination of adsorption and advanced oxidation to effectively eliminate Metoprolol and other organic contaminants.

Nyex Rosalox water treatment system advantages

The Nyex Rosalox offers several advantages over traditional methods. It utilises Arvia’s proprietary Nyex™ media, which acts as a regenerable adsorbent for the removal of organic pollutants.

The material adsorbs metoprolol from water, trapping it within its structure. Subsequently, the system employs a low-voltage electrical current and an oxidizing agent to degrade the adsorbed contaminants, ensuring their complete elimination, whilst at the same time regenerating the Nyex™.

It can remove pollutants and recalcitrant organics down to very low concentrations – easily parts per billion – and does this without any chemical tip-ins or creating any toxic residues.

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Metoprolol is a heart medication for high blood pressure, chest pain or fast heart rate. Our Nyex water treatment process is very effective at metoprolol removal from water. We have treated metoprolol from various industrial and municipal wastewaters, achieving a 99% reduction down to below the limit of detection.