MCPA Removal from Water

MCPA’s environmental persistence over an extended duration can heighten the potential for harmful impacts on the aquatic ecosystem. We can provide a solution with our Nyex Rosalox technology that is eco-friendly and cost effective in the removal of MCPA from water. Our processes combines adsorption and oxidation which has proven to be extremely effective in removing MCPA from wastewater

What we achieved

Our Nyex Rosalox technology successfully removed 94% of MCPA from wastewater.

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How to remove MCPA from water

Several techniques are available as MCPA removal options, each with advantages and disadvantages. Among the commonly employed methods are adsorption, oxidation and reverse osmosis.

MCPA removal by adsorption

Adsorption techniques, particularly those utilizing granular activated carbon (GAC), are widely employed for MCPA removal. GAC has a high affinity for organic compounds and can effectively adsorb MCPA from water. Activated carbon for MCPA removal involves the attraction of its molecules to the carbon surface. While GAC offers excellent removal efficiency, the spent carbon requires regeneration or proper disposal.

MCPA removal by oxidation

Oxidation processes, such as advanced oxidation with ozone or other chemicals, can also be utilized for MCPA removal. Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent that can break down MCPA molecules into smaller, less harmful compounds. However, the use of ozone requires careful handling due to its toxicity.

MCPA removal by reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis (RO) is an effective method for removing MCPA from water. It relies on a semipermeable membrane that allows water molecules to pass through while retaining the larger MCPA molecules. RO for removing MCPA from water can achieve high removal efficiencies, typically exceeding 99%. However, they require high energy inputs and may not be cost-effective for large-scale applications.

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