Irbesartan removal from water

To safeguard our ecosystems and public health, it is crucial to adopt sustainable and efficient water treatment solutions. The Arvia Technology Rosalox™ system, with its advanced capabilities, emerges as the most environmentally-conscious solution for irbesartan removal from water.

Using our Nyex Rosalox system we reduced irebesartan down to 0.02 µg/L

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How to remove irbesartan from water

To mitigate the environmental impact of endocrine disruptors of this type, different types of irbesartan water treatment are currently in use. Several irbesartan removal methods are commonly employed to remove it from water, such as adsorption, ozone treatment, and granular activated carbon (GAC) filtration.

Adsorption for irbesartan removal from water

Adsorption for irbesartan removal involves the attachment of pharmaceutical compounds to adsorbent materials, effectively removing them from water. Activated carbon-based adsorbents have demonstrated effectiveness in removing irbesartan from water due to their high surface area and affinity for organic compounds.

Ozone for irbesartan removal from water

Ozone for irbesartan removal is another viable option. Ozone, a powerful oxidant, can break down pharmaceutical compounds into less harmful byproducts through chemical reactions. This method is effective in degrading Irbesartan, reducing its concentration in water. However, operational costs can be quite high.

Irbesartan removal from water using Nyex Rosalox

One innovative and environmentally conscious solution that stands out is the Nyex Rosalox™ process developed by Arvia Technology. This system utilizes an advanced electrochemical oxidation process combined with adsorption to remove irbesartan and other endocrine disruptors from water.

Nyex Rosalox water treatment benefits

The Nyex Rosalox system offers several advantages over traditional methods such as:

  • Low maintenance
  • Enhanced removal efficiency
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Minimal production of harmful byproducts
  • No toxic sludge produced

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Irbesartan is a medication used for the treatment of high blood pressure and kidney disease. Our Nyex water treatment process is effective in irbesartan removal from water. We have consistently reduced irbesartan down to 0.02 µg/L from municipal wastewater.