Fluoranthene Removal from Water

Fluoranthene, a contaminant, can also be found in water sources due to its widespread use and industrial activities. Fluoranthene’s toxicity in water raises significant environmental and health concerns.The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and various other research studies have identified fluoranthene as a hazardous substance with potential carcinogenic properties. We can offer a solution with our Nyex Rosalox system which is extremely effective with fluoranthene removal from water.

Our Nyex Rosalox technology successfully reduced fluoranthene down to 0.0004 µg/L.

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Fluoranthene water treatment

To combat contamination in water, there are several options for fluoranthene removal, each with its advantages and limitations. Some common methods include adsorption, oxidation, reverse osmosis, and biological treatment.

Adsorption for Fluoranthene removal

Adsorption is a widely used technique for removing organic compounds like fluoranthene from water. Activated carbon, a porous material with a large surface area, is commonly employed as the adsorbent. It effectively traps and removes the contaminants from water, making it an attractive option for water treatment.

However, the use of activated carbon for fluoranthene removal has its challenges. Used carbon gets filled with pollutants and must be disposed of or regenerated to avoid more pollution.

Fluoranthene removal by ozone

Ozone is utilized in an oxidation process to break down fluoranthene molecules into less harmful substances. Ozone treatment is effective in reducing fluoranthene levels and is commonly used in wastewater treatment plants.

However, handling ozone requires careful consideration due to its toxic nature. Proper safety measures and equipment are necessary to ensure the protection of workers and the environment.

Fluoranthene removal using the Nyex Rosalox

Among the various fluoranthene removal methods, the Arvia Technology Nyex Rosalox™ system stands out as a revolutionary and effective solution. This innovative water treatment system combines adsorption with an electrochemical oxidation process, providing a unique and environmentally-friendly approach.

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Fluoranthene is a chemical used in laboratories for research purposes. It can find its way into the water courses via effluent streams and it’s hard to get rid of. However, our Nyex water technology is very effective in fluoranthene removal from water and we have reduced fluoranthene down to 0.0004 µg/L.