Our modular Nyex™ systems offer an adaptable solution for the reduction of hard-to-treat organics (COD), micropollutants and colour from both water and wastewater streams.

Nyex Water Treatment Systems

Our skill in design and product application ensures that each system is designed to meet all tertiary water treatment requirements, achieving regulatory discharge compliance, safe water reuse or inlet water treatment.

Designed and manufactured in-house, the systems can be combined, where necessary, with ancillary technologies to provide a fully operational tertiary solution which is tailored exactly to your treatment requirements.

We have named our products after female scientists who we greatly admire, which fits in with our support of Women in STEM.

Nyex RosaloxTM

Designed to remove hazardous organic chemicals. This works through a unique mechanism of combined adsorption and oxidation. Particularly good for:

  • Removing APIs from water
  • Removing pesticides, insecticides and herbicides from water
  • Hydrophobic organic compounds

COD polishing from <300 mg/L to very low levels for both low and high flowrates

Nyex Rosalox™ takes its name from Rosalind Franklin, the English chemist who greatly furthered our understanding of the molecular structures of DNA, RNA, viruses, coal and graphite.

Nyex EllenoxTM

Designed to remove hazardous organic chemicals, an efficient electrochemical oxidation process. Particularly good for:

  • Removing hydrophilic and hydrophobic organic compounds
  • Removing COD from <10,000mg/L to low levels for low flowrates
  • Removing colour from both low and high flowrates

Nyex Ellenox™ is named after Ellen Swallow Richards, the environmental chemist whose water contamination study led to the first water-quality standards in the US.

Nyex-a System

Nyex™-a is our flagship water treatment product which combines adsorption and oxidation in a single unit whose patented design overcomes the disadvantages of the separate technologies.
Superseded by Nyex Rosalox™ with its reduced footprint and improved efficiencies.

Nyex-e System

Nyex™-e is our original electrochemical oxidation process which removes COD and colour.

Superseded by Nyex Ellenox™ which has reduced footprint and improved efficiencies.

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Benefits of Nyex technology

In contrast to traditional Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs), results using the Nyex™ water treatment processes are achieved without chemical dosing or the production of toxic sludge. This saves time and cost and reduces environmental impact.

The low-maintenance Nyex™ processes drastically cut recurring operational costs as well as reducing time, labour and training as the only input required is electricity and any changes in the process are highlighted by telemetry.

Chemical-free, so safer and cheaper to operate

Waste-free – no toxic sludge produced so removes cost of incineration

Onsite treatment so less operational cost

Designed to remove hazardous and hard-to-treat organic compounds

Exceptional at reducing pollutants to very low levels due to concurrent two-step process

Low energy due to combined processes in single unit

Modular design so easily scalable

Flexible in layout to suit footprint requirements

Low maintenance – no moving parts, minimal operation required

A complementary technology to remove hazardous organics before they combine with other chemicals further downstream.

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Enhance the effectiveness of your existing treatment process

Water is complex and often requires various treatment steps to ensure it is of a sufficient quality for its intended purpose.

By selecting an integrated solution at the source of contamination, recalcitrant compounds are prevented from mixing and reacting with one another in final effluent and potentially becoming more complicated to treat.

The efficiency of existing treatment processes can be greatly enhanced by removing specific chemicals at strategic locations in your production process. We have used this idea to protect RO membranes or biological processes from hazardous chemicals which, left in the water would kill the essential bugs.

Nyex Water Treatment Systems

There are many types of water technologies available, and each has their advantages in certain circumstances. Many other technologies use chemicals to enhance the oxidation process and as a result you often get a sludge by product, which can be toxic and expensive to dispose of.

We have created a water technology comparison which highlights the benefits and drawbacks of the ten most popular technologies. We offer comparison with Nyex™ for each technology to aid your choice.