Benefits of a Nyex water treatment process

Nyex water treatment systems are particularly good at treating phenols, PAHs and BTEX compounds, so they are well suited to the petrochem industry. Compounds with a benzene ring are particularly easy to oxidise, so if this is what you have, do get in touch.

Our systems are eco-friendly and can operate at much lower costs than the alternatives. Benefits of the Arvia Water Treatment system to the Petrochem industry include the following:


Reduced operational cost

Low energy solution which is simple and easy to operate with minimal manpower and maintenance.


Extending the life of assets

Nyex can remove chemicals which are fouling your RO membranes or killing your biological process.


Reduced downtime

Treatment regenerates during water treatment process meaning very high up-time. Annual 2% media top-up required which takes less than half a day.


Reduced health and safety risk

Nyex uses no chemical dosing which is one less COSHH risk for your production facility.


Flexible water treatment process

Scalable treatment to meet pressures to increase capacity and easily adjusted as requirements change.

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Increasing efficiencies of existing water treatments

Typically, Nyex™ would be part of a treatment train to remove the final recalcitrant organic contaminants. However, Nyex™ can be used to increase the effectiveness and reduce costs of your existing water technologies.

For example, it can be deployed as an effective pre-treatment step to support other water solutions such as a biological bed or reverse osmosis system. This is because Nyex™ removes the chemical pollutants which could damage these processes or make maintenance of the water treatment plant more labour intensive if pollutants were to enter these systems and foul them.

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