The Background

Within the pharmaceutical industry, there has been a significant push to become more ethical and sustainable when it comes to wastewater treatment. This is, in part, due to the growing concern over the link between pharmaceutical manufactures and antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Read more about AMR here.

We were approached by a specialty pharmaceutical company who wished to be more transparent with their end-users as to what they were doing to help stop the spread of AMR. Before coming to Arvia, our client’s only treatment requirement to discharge their wastewater was a simple pH adjustment which they were achieving. However, they felt a social and environmental responsibility, as well as pressure from their clients to do more.

The Contaminants

Our client’s water contained a variety of APIs, COD and CIP wash water. They did not have an exact treatment target, they more so wanted to see what our technology could do for them so we could establish the best case scenario. This involved weighing up the treatment’s success with its associated cost.